Oak & Rust

Published on June 15, 2018 under Audio

I'm not too sure why I decided to dig this one up today - it will forever haunt me as a work of mine that had some real potential which I just kind of tossed to the side to try to conform to the norm of what "dubstep" was. Even if I didn't stick to the 100% wobble saw bass stuff, I know my head at the time really wanted me to. I suppose I just really, really, really like certain parts of this track - the rhythmic synth throughout really does get me every time I hear it.

I genuinely wish I still had the project files for this piece so I could go back and just redo the entire thing without being such a tryhard when it comes to the bass hook.


Jason Michael Author

A developer/musician from Boston, Massachusetts just trying to find his place in the world through code, keys, and various other bizarre mediums.

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