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Published on July 16, 2018 under Audio

As of late, I've had some time off of work given my fleeting mental health and stability as an all over human. While I haven't really taken the time I should to actually write anything new or come up with something different from my current catalog - these three tracks came quite naturally as far as the creative process is actually concerned.

This is Waking Up

This is a little piece I came up with after playing enitrely too much Bloodborne and began relating the work of not only From Software but also H.P. Lovecraft to every day life. I'm really not too sure about this one in particular but I will say it does make my ears feel quite lovely.

Smiling in Defeat

This ties in quite nicely to my fleeting mental state, to which I illuded previously. I tend to be my most creative when I feel as if my mind is at a breaking point - I don't exactly like this as I've learned to recognize how depressive the things I create while in this state in particular tend to become.

Got to a Level (For FORM)

A friend of mine is an incredibly talented producer. He was around when I was making the Boston Massacre stuff back in 2010 and really dug all of my work. It's so wonderful to see how far he has come as not only a producer, but also a human being. I strongly recommend, if you've got the time to spare and feel you should treat your eardrums to some really awesome sounds and emotive expressions via music... check out FORM!

With all of that being said, while as of late I do feel incredibly out of touch with most everything around me, I still feel quite into the idea of creating music and exploring more and more of my creativity.

Though updates and releases may abe quite sporatic at this time, I do, genuinely, appreciate anyone that is willing to allow me the time to actually be creative and to flourish as a musician and/or producer.

I suppose one of the more positive things is this time around I am actually aware of what is happening, not only with myself but with my head. I've never really had that kind of self-awareness during such trying times and I honestly do hope it will make this experience, if not significantly better, than slightly easier to deal with.

These types of stonewalled feelings aren't exactly new to me, unfortunately - it's something I've worked through for many years and I'm sure I will continue to do so progressively over the course of my life until I can finally find the poisonous root and stop it from destroying the rest of the tree.

The image used is something I came up with a couple weeks ago; I feel as if most of us tend to forget that we do need to allow ourselves the time and love we need as humans.


Jason Michael Author

A developer/musician from Boston, Massachusetts just trying to find his place in the world through code, keys, and various other bizarre mediums.

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