I Was Once Alive//Dreams

Published on June 27, 2018 under Audio

As of late, I've had just enough time to get some rough versions together for two tracks - I'll admit, these are definitely tracks I let collect dust for some time before I even considered actually coming close to completing them.

While "I Was Once Alive" is significantly more laid back and calm, providing more of a house/chillstep type of vibe from time to time  - "Dreams", is meant to represent the cacophonous dreams which many of us experience regularly. The original intent when I first started in on these two was to have two tracks that could be played back to back, akin to a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde type of deal.

Hopefully the initial sentiment of an analogous story via out-of-context contextual audio makes sense for you as it does me. I have a strange feeling it may not really fit the idea I've set forth, that seems to be a reoccurring trend with the music I've made as of late, I suppose I could stop creating from such an emotive place. Though, stifling my own creativity for the sake of cognitive cohesion has never, ever, ever made sense to me.

Irregardless, these tracks are actually pretty great to feel in your ear drums so give them a listen! Also, I had to absolutely go the most roundabout way of uploading these two tracks to SoundCloud! I had to transfer them off of my laptop to my cellphone (I don't pay for a mobile HotSpot because AT&T charges way too much), save them from my phone to my Google Drive... From my Google Drive I had to save them to my work computer where I then logged into SoundCloud and posted them. Quite the happening to just put two (in my opinion, incomplete) songs out!


Jason Michael Author

A developer/musician from Boston, Massachusetts just trying to find his place in the world through code, keys, and various other bizarre mediums.

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