"I don't really like Uma Thurman."

Published on May 29, 2018 under Audio

"I don't really like Uma Thurman."

This was a track constructed through quite a bit of time and effort. Similar to most pieces I've written I like to take time to really get a feel for the particular sounds, shapes and tones I'm planning to work with.

In this case, it was a bit odd as I'd had the idea in my head when I started that I was going to make an outright hip-hop track. (See: Garl__Vinland) I suppose the initial idea is still there but the urge to just laywer the snares and somewhat off beat segments was just too strong to really stick to that initial focus.

After the realization that I would never be able to turn this into my original vision - I decided I wanted to create something with some form of an upbeat presence while gently pushing some darker tones through to really mesh the concept.


Jason Michael Author

A developer/musician from Boston, Massachusetts just trying to find his place in the world through code, keys, and various other bizarre mediums.

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