My name is Jason Michael, I am a twenty-eight-year-old Boston native with a profound love for all things internet. Well, with the exception of, "The Internet of Things".


I've learned most of what I know today in my adolescence, my family owned a software development firm and some of my closest friends were incredibly into web development. I didn't learn too much from my family as they were always consumed by various different projects and undertakings - they developed software suites for banking institutions. I did, however, learn quite a bit from my friends into web development.

I had started learning HTML and CSS around the age of thirteen, not long after I'd discovered other languages. I then discovered the beautiful bright world of PHP. I can say with utmost honesty, I am still, to this very day, learning more and more when it comes to PHP. Shortly after JavaScript popped up, I had been utterly fascinated by the use, however, I was never too confident in my abilities to make it work as I felt it should.

Years down the line I was offered my first official job as a developer. I was able to keep my design and web development skill set as it was exceptionally beneficial, however, I would begin to add more tools to my belt. My position was as a Mobile Application Developer - this wasn't exactly, "unknown territory" just an area I'd never explored outside of the comfort of my own personal sandbox. This was a truly special and invaluable learning experience for me that I would never trade for absolutely anything in the world.

The internet is my addiction, not just the use of but the creation of. The websites, the applications - it is truly remarkable to take thousands upon thousands of lines of code and turn it into something that people could use in one way or another.


I got into music at a very young age. My mother always had something playing in the house so she could unwind after a long day of work. It was usually something along the lines of KRS-One, Bob Marley or Pink Floyd. That most definitely inspired me at a young age to be more versatile than not when it comes to being a musician.

When I was about five years old I found my mothers copy of Pink Floyd's, "The Wall". I recall asking her what it was because as a child, the album art really struck me. Her response was pretty much what you would expect from a parent, "It's big people music, Jason. You can listen to this when you get older."

My mother bought my first guitar after I had been habitually playing my older brothers, well, I suppose I was simply trying to play it. Everything spurred from that day forward;

I've been in too many bands to count, I've written, played, and recorded more music than I can recall, and I've played more shows than I could possibly ever remember. I have spent many nights sleeping in vans to be sure our gear was secure and I've slept on the floors of more strangers than I would have ever thought as a child.

In the latter years, I've taken to creating a lot of electronica music as it is something I can do without the assistance of anyone else - though, I do enjoy collobrative materials. I suppose you could honestly say music is my passion. It is the one thing, other than being a developer I could see myself doing for the rest of my life.

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